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Tsering Dolma - The Girl with a Dream

Do the women feel uplifted in society through this enterprise?

Yes, the women definitely feel very satisfied and uplifted working with me together as a team. Sometimes, around the year there are international tourist travelling and visiting our workshop where they interact with the women and appreciate their work which encourages them to work more efficiently and adequately...


Project Purkul

“What sets us apart is that we view empowerment as a two-fold thing.”
The first spark for this collective germinated when Amrit Burrett participated in a social work endeavor where she came in contact with the vivacious women of Purkul, a village just off Dehradun, framed closely by the sturdy green hills of Mussoorie. There was much to learn here, and much more to inspire.

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Himadri Hans Handloom

"Courage. Kindness. Friendship. Character.

These are the qualities that define us as human beings and propel us, on occasion, to greatness."

Founded by Shweta Rawat in 2009, The Hans Foundation is a Public Charitable Trust that brings forth funding support for Non-Profit Organisations all over India and has funded over 300 NGOs and counting.

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Krishna Tashi Palmo - The Warrior Artist

Art is her life and her life is an art.

Growing up as a nature lover she finds joy and contentment when surrounded by colour. She gives life to the unheard, untold stories of her native place through her paintings. Her paintings are reflections of her beliefs. She also enjoys drawing contemporary art, portraits, landscapes and cartoons.


Painting Center - Basohli

The story of Pahari paintings first began in Basohli, in the Jammu region. From where this style of painting derives its name, Basohli art is a blend of various traditions, which led to its outstretch of practice for the art, during the medieval time in the regions of Kashmir.

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Peepal Farm Products

Like if I teach them how to make tofu or earrings, they learn a new skill. They don’t have to work with me forever. When they go back home, or get married, they will always have that skill, they can make it at home and sell it, without working for somebody, without going out of the house, which is not a possibility for many of these women. So this way, not only will they learn a new skill for life and be empowered, they will be able to empower their entire family.