Himadri Hans Handloom

"Courage. Kindness. Friendship. Character.

These are the qualities that define us as human beings and propel us, on occasion, to greatness."

 – Manoj Bhargava, Co-founder, The Hans Foundation

Founded by Shweta Rawat in 2009, The Hans Foundation is a Public Charitable Trust that brings forth funding support for Non-Profit Organisations all over India and has funded over 300 NGOs and counting. The fundamental areas of intercession for the association are Education, Health, Livelihoods, and Disability. The intercessions executed by the establishment range from primary level to national projects. THF, in the last four years, has significantly played a role in the development of Uttarakhand and is continuing to help the under-privileged and adding beauty and smiles to the lives of millions.

One of the noble initiatives instituted by the Hans Foundation, for the empowerment of women weavers in Uttarakhand came to be known as the Himadri-Hans handloom.

The objective of this new scheme is to provide Uttarakhand’s handlooms, handicrafts, and textiles a global platform. Provide access to technical and design skills, to the rural women artisans of Kumaon. Thus helping them outgrow and improve their indigenous skills and make their products meet the requirements and aspirations of the international buyers. They aim to achieve the upliftment of around 5000 women weavers in Uttarakhand. They have successfully uplifted the lives of 2000 women from the drudgery of everyday chores, which has now made women financially independent. Families presently can get to better schooling and better medical care. The essential target is to advance nearby handiworks and craftsmanship that are symbols of the Himalayan social legacy. In this way, they try to create network avenues for the marginalized craft communities who are living in the far-off regions of the Himalayas in India. These women artisans are far off at the supply network but yet again they have stunning customary shrewdness and abilities. HHH means to make an economical centre for the handloom products of the state and go about as a vigorous connection between essential makers and ordained worldwide business sectors. The point is to reinforce customary specialty esteem chains along the lines of acquiring the ideal in the changing society.

Together with Hans Foundation, Giri aims to put forward the revival of fading art and bring it back to existence. As in today’s world, an unseen foretell is escalating, stabilization at vast a pace. So to talk, about providing a better world for our self-reliant, proficient women of our country. To create a sense of awareness, to spread about in the aspects of virtue of human dignity. So which is where our foundation comes around. Giri Foundation a non-profit organization, firmly believes that every woman, of the mountain, should get an adequate opportunity to showcase their skill and earn their deserved percentage.

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It not only helps in empowering today's women but also boosts up their confidence, moreover benefits their skill set and also overpowering, the practice of disdain and despair conflicted, on the women of our society. The main aim is to make the mountain women, essentially more skilled in the area of their expertise, financially stable, to have sustainable, stable work and experience of entrepreneurial opportunities.