Peepal Farm Products

Peepal Farm is an animal rescue organisation and an organic farm in Dhanotu Village, Himachal Pradesh, with the primary objective of rescuing and healing animals. There are more than 1 million followers associated with it on social


The quest to reach out to more people for spreading their message and getting them to join in the cause gave birth to Peepal Farm Products. Starting with farm-grown herbs, the product line gradually evolved into a vast range of categories with a major goal in mind - to generate more employment for women.

Shivani, Peepal Farm's co-founder, believes that the best way to empower women, especially in rural India, is by making them financially independent.

Women in rural India already know a few basic skills like knitting, embroidery, crocheting, etc. Leveraging this fact, Peepal Farm started employing local women. It provided them with regular workshops to not only fine-tune these skills, but also to equip them with more skills to make use of in future.

One of their most important projects is the unique "Reclaimed Project" that seamlessly unites two major causes -

women empowerment and sustainability.

Pine is a natural resource available in abundance in and around Himachal Pradesh. Without disturbing or exploiting nature, only the fallen pine leaves are picked and cleaned and then meticulously handcrafted into unique pine-needle jewellery and decor products.

Women employees not only handcraft these products but also do modelling for their own creations. Coming from humble backgrounds, such an exposure has given a huge boost to their confidence.


Apart from the pine-needle products, there are a wide range of food products made by the women of Peepal Farm.


They have even put out all their recipes on social media and openly discuss their business model, so that others can replicate or innovate with it to start their own business. Abiding by their philosophy of reducing suffering footprint, all the proceeds from the sales of these products go towards giving employment to more women in and around Dhanotu village and funding animal rescues at Peepal Farm.


However, it's just the beginning of a long pilgrimage. Shivani's mission in life is toemploy at least 100 local women in her lifetime. But she also hopes that even with her gone, the project will live on - and so will the number of lives impacted everyday!

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