Project Purkul

“What sets us apart is that we view empowerment as a two-fold thing.” 

The first spark for this collective germinated when Amrit Burrett participated in a social work endeavor where she came in contact with the vivacious women of Purkul, a village just off Dehradun, framed closely by the sturdy green hills of Mussoorie. There was much to learn here, and much more to inspire. It is then that the potential struck her – a region fertile for development, a group with talent both unprecedented and uncovered. The ladies of Purkul were dynamic, committed to bringing spells of finesse to every aspect of their art. What followed is the timeless tale of what a little leadership and boundless talent channeled together can do.


There are many prerequisites for a venture to sustain itself, but the two most important of these are vision and the will to add value. Value not only in terms of monetary stability but empowerment and a sense of belonging for everyone involved. Mrs. Burrett brought to the table not only these but bucketfuls of life-experience working in academia, social work, media, sales, and a diverse range of projects. Amid the COVID crisis, a plan that made way for employment and autonomy was put into action.

An office was set up, plans were made, departments were divided with closely known family and professionals in fitting positions. A designated space was created for the ladies to work their magic.

Knowingly and with love, Mrs. Burrett brought together a group of dynamic individuals with bouts of creativity and fresh perspective. The art had always been at the heart of the village. It was now time to bring it to the people.

The range of products incorporates the spirit of the women who create them. They are infused with a balance of vibrance, color, and functionality. A good number of the products are reversible and promote flexibility. Project Purkul aims to beautify but never compromise on practicality. Every thread that reaches the consumers from the village of Purkul tells the story of the artisans winning, of employment created and sustained, of improved quality of life, and of hope gleaming through at the end of the day.

But Project Purkul is more than a venture dedicated to bringing out personal accessories and quality decor for lifestyle and home. They emphasize the idea of area-wide empowerment. What sets them apart is that they view empowerment as a two-fold thing. Here, they learn from each other, teach each other discipline, skill, art, and create growth opportunities. Mrs. Burrett aims to unlock the potential of Purkul’s youth with the making of a development center, in the same vicinity as their workspace. A place for people to collect, share ideas, learn new skills, and chisel already acquired talents. A think-tank for discussion and action.

There is a little revolution

in all of us.

Project Purkul aims to bring it out to where it’s needed

– the world and its people

Amrit Burrett 1.JPG

Amrit Burrett, Founder, Project Purkul