Tsering Dolma


In 2012 me Tsering Dolma and Mr Sonam Jorgyes, my husband, founded Ladakh Rural Women’s Enterprise to help empower Ladakhi women and preserve Ladakhi culture. We try to bring about a  lifetimes change for the artisan working for us. As a child, I learnt a lot from my mother, to be a skilled artisan, and as an adult, I feel grateful to my mother for training me and guiding me. And to attain  20 years of professional experience with LEDeG (Ladakh Ecological Development Group). Mr Sonam Jorgyes, my husband, is a great supporter of my work and plays a key role in the success of our organisation. The inspiration to create women’s self-help groups in Ladakh came to me during a trip to Rajasthan (India) with LEDeG where I  visited the Barefoot College and various others women’s handicrafts NGOs in villages around Udaipur. After that trip, I felt motivated and inspired to help the women in my area,  by forming women’s groups for income generation and empowerment through LEDeG in locations across Ladakh.

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